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Aug 24 2012

Amazing Adds

Y’all, highlights:

  • At dinner today, Brittany told me “Girl, you’re getting southern…” then proceeded to mock the way I pronounced “salad”. This is amazing because 1) that means Brittany came to dinner! I miss her! and 2) Me! Southern!!
  • 159 people volunteered to write letters to my students. I am beside myself, absolutely. Now comes the organizing!
  • My students are utterly hysterical, beautiful, curious, dangerous human beings.
  • One person, instead of volunteering letters, donated five shirts to my kids. I’m going to award them to my Most Improved students at either the end of the semester or the end of the year, one per class. Again, beside myself with the generosity of complete strangers (and shout-out to my brother JL for making the connection!)

Dream without limits, y’all. Listen to ATG.

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