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Sep 17 2012

Other things

For the second year, I re-wrote our block/activity schedule because band students don’t figure out their instruments until four weeks into the school year. Today my vice principal said he’s going to try to get rid of band because of the logistical issues band presents. I immediately started fantasizing about vivid, fact-filled powerpoints convincing him not to do that. I hate re-writing the block schedule, but I think band valuable. Really valuable.

Today I discovered the glory of texting parents. 12 of them. They were so happy and responsive. It was only about their students getting 100%s on last week’s homework (about 20% of the entire sixth grade got 100% — yes it’s completion, but completion last year didn’t come close to that. Not at all), but they were so glad and grateful.

The other 10 I contact via phone, mostly voicemails which (terribly enough) give me relief. But the first call, the longest, left me with a promise to attend a meeting about bank loans/raising animals/something I could understand about three quarters of. Apparently, one of my (sixth grade, keep in mind) students has a $5k loan out from a bank and owns a cow that is going to have two babies this year. He raises the cow, sells the babies, and each year pays of part of the five-year loan. WHAT?! How did no one tell me about this ridiculously amazing program? I am so glad I called that grandma, and more than that glad the student chose to have me call the grandma (they pick who I call for good calls), and so proud of my community for having something like that available to eleven-year-olds. Talk about learning experience.

I still haven’t written an initial note to all my amazing “successful strangers” because I am terrified of poor planning. I must bite the bullet (gag gag idiom) and just GET THIS GOING because people are so pumped, and I’m so pumped, and students are so pumped, and we all just need to write more.

I’m reading Bad Boy by Walter Dean Myers and I like it so Imma go get to another chapter and sleep.

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