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Sep 24 2012

Successful Stranger // Sixth Grader Update

They’re coming! The pen-pal letters are coming! Seven so far, all are glorious. I spent a chunk of Friday and all my downtime during conferences today to create this interactive map. If you click it it’ll open bigger. Some highlights:

  • Strings attach letters to the cities they traveled from
  • All the stamps stapled on the bottom were donated! (The letter from Mr. Abide is on there, too, beautifully written on a type writer!)
  • As states are represented via letters, they get colored in
  • If our Successful Stranger included a donation to our classroom, it stays in the envelop (peeking out!) until we all get to read our letters

Selfishly, the project adds major J-Factor into my life as teacher, because from the looks of it I’ll get to read these letters daily as they trickle in for the next few weeks. It’s such an amazing, invigorating, motivating thing to read the support we have from perfect Successful Strangers! Thanks, y’all!

Can’t wait for my students to ask about this tomorrow! :)

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