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Jan 25 2013

Self vs AnyHuman

I’ve been mean lately. I come to school and my homeroom asks, “Are you going to be mean today?” and I say, “Raise your hand.” Been really perfecting the totally condescending teacher stare, been really hammering expectations, been really tolerating zero mess. Balancing the desperation of purposeful expectations with allowing people to be human is really…

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Jan 13 2013

Quiz Backs / Three Years Deep

THE FIRST Dear Ms. L, I love being in your class! In the mornings, I am so ready to get in your class! I don’t know what it is but I feel more comfortable or something in here! <3 THE SECOND (an excerpt) Hi… I’ve been going through a lot of things the last 2…

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Jan 06 2013

Saturday like Sunday

Sitting in a Starbucks. I’ve been here for 5 hours and got up once, to get a second cup of coffee. It’s been hard to write lately. My life has subtly made a dramatic change in the last six months. While I worked at Institute 2012, I had a fire for TFA and an easy…

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