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Jan 25 2013

Self vs AnyHuman

I’ve been mean lately. I come to school and my homeroom asks, “Are you going to be mean today?” and I say, “Raise your hand.” Been really perfecting the totally condescending teacher stare, been really hammering expectations, been┬áreally tolerating zero mess. Balancing the desperation of purposeful expectations with allowing people to be human is really…

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Jan 13 2013

Quiz Backs / Three Years Deep

THE FIRST Dear Ms. L, I love being in your class! In the mornings, I am so ready to get in your class! I don’t know what it is but I feel more comfortable or something in here! <3 THE SECOND (an excerpt) Hi… I’ve been going through a lot of things the last 2…

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Jan 06 2013

Saturday like Sunday

Sitting in a Starbucks. I’ve been here for 5 hours and got up once, to get a second cup of coffee. It’s been hard to write lately. My life has subtly made a dramatic change in the last six months. While I worked at Institute 2012, I had a fire for TFA and an easy…

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