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Feb 28 2013

Quarter-Life Crisis

This might be real close to the longest I’ve gone without an update. On Sunday I’m boarding an airplane and flying to San Antonio with some of my favorite TFA ladies to attend a LEAD21 conference in San Antonio. We’re the founding females for Arkansas Tech’s “Walton Scholars” program which recruits Arkansas TFA corps members…

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Feb 09 2013

Six Years in Arkansas

Kepler’s is a fairly well known restaurant not just in Greenville, MS but for the wider delta. I’d heard of it more than once, but would not have expected to be sitting alone here on a Friday night, Diet Coke glass and salad plate empty, mapping out the rest of my twenties and updating my…

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Feb 04 2013

Leaping Off the High Horse

Life! Balance! Utter aggravation! I haven’t been solidly upset with myself in a while, which might be a bad sign. I’ve been told, relatively often (especially since joining TFA), that I have a pretty good handle on being reflective. Self-awareness, self-criticism, self-analysis, self-obsessed, maybe. I try to stay humble, but a girl’s got to acknowledge…

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