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Apr 03 2013


Recent events:

  • I finished my second grad class of my master’s in ed leadership, a finance class. Glory be. I enjoyed it, but this on-line jazz gets me crazy because I consistently miss deadlines and confuse calendars and don’t check any grades until the very end.
  • One of my classes met their writing goal square one, and two are in spitting distance, and two are taking their last exam Thursday. All of them are invested in improvement, at least for this week. They worked incredibly hard on their last essay.
  • State testing is next week, Tuesday through Friday. Someone thought it was a good idea to do two straight hours of reading testing, four 30 minute tests, for all 6th graders in the state. HAS THAT PERSON EVER DONE THAT AS AN ADULT AND THOUGHT IT WAS FEASIBLE?! THEY ARE IN THE SIXTH GRADE AND 11 YEARS OLD AND THAT IS RIDICULOUS. I hope my kiddos do okay. I have a personal goal for growth between my years teaching here, but with the overwhelming problems with discipline I wouldn’t be surprised if I flatline between years two and three. I am nervous.
  • The talent show is a mess and I don’t like thinking about it, but remembering last year makes me push through. And my seventh graders, just like they did in sixth grade, won’t let me let it go. They show up every week, have tons of ideas and enthusiasm, and love spending time in my room. If nothing else, their attitudes soften my heart and brighten my days.
  • Gay marriage still is an issue. Seriously, world? Seriously? Listen to Macklemore. Hide your kids. Hide your wife. Then get over it and let people be themselves.
  • I’m reading Ruby Payne’s A Framework for Understanding Poverty and I’m glad I am. Been a long time coming.
  • I think I am staying in Dumas a fourth year. Part of me really really doesn’t want to. Really. And feels like I am wasting my time, wasting my youth, becoming an increasing failure and racking up increasing embarrassment the longer I stay… more of me can’t see any logic in leaving. Everything points to one more year. (At least?)


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  1. Wess

    I figure this: life is really long (hopefully), and you have a lot of time to do other amazing things if you get done in Dumas and feel like you need to do something else. I’m starting to believe that more time in one place is more, not less, respectable and impressive. I’m starting to want words like ‘experienced,’ ‘veteran,’ ‘rooted,’ to describe me and the work I do (more than ‘potential,’ ‘brilliant,’ or ‘young’).

    If four years (or more) in Dumas really does end up being embarrassing, you have lots more years after that to do something that isn’t. Which allows you to let Dumas be right for right now.

    Maybe. Says the girl who’s about to totally relocate.

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