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Aug 25 2013

Second Annual Dear Successful Stranger

My friends! My loves! My strangers! The planning has begun, the program is back. Welcome to the Second Annual Dear Successful Stranger project. This week I had a number of my new students and a parent¬†ask me about the pen-pal program. They cannot wait to get started! Improvements from last year: After a number of…

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Aug 23 2013

Tired Girl & a Spiderman App

When I came home from my run tonight I was poised at the kitchen counter, spreading peanut butter and jelly on a tiny tortilla for dinner, when I dropped my phone. This is a pretty usual occurrence, at minimum four times a day. When I did this I almost giggled– the Spiderman App is available…

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There is a difference between reading about laughter and doing it. I am a practical person. I thrive in structure, am honest and blunt to a fault, fill my life with lists and calendars. When we looked at a handout in our last grad seminar, one that had one column for “Manager” and another for…

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Aug 08 2013

In the Delta

Today my car battery died after I finished a lazy afternoon run in 93 degree heat. I jumped it and drove the 25 minutes home.¬†Died again. Recruited my TFA best brother friend JL to leave the football office and jump me. Got halfway into the street from my gravel driveway. Died again. I flipped into…

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Aug 01 2013

Welcome to the Fourth Year

I walk into my building from the fifth grade door, a heavy block of metal in the center of a windowless brick wall. Standing opposite the cafeteria and a good walk past fourth grade, past the gym, past the playground and a basketball court with one hoop and no net, sometimes feeling like a small…

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