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Oct 29 2013

Dumas Man Killed

I am trying to get my internship log completed by the October 28th deadline. The only problem is October 28th ended 14 minutes ago and my log is empty because I didn’t do any of the 34 required activities. I started to complete one, just now, called a “Demographic Narrative.” Relative to my last post,…

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Oct 21 2013

Teaching the Achievement Gap

There are four responsibilities: 1) teach sixth grade, 2) plan professional development for 21 first year teachers (and begin to plan summer training for 35 new first year teachers), 3) complete three grad classes this semester, including an internship, and 4) train for a half marathon in a month, full marathon in February. There is…

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Oct 06 2013

Sometimes I Forget

This morning I lived the life I might have 10 months from now. I woke up just a mile from downtown little rock, in SoMa. Pulled on my running shoes and brushed my teeth. Started out. Feet pounded the first mile to the Marriott, former Peabody, then turned right toward the Clinton Center. Smiled at…

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