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Nov 02 2013

“Teachers make miracles happen.”

ACTELA’s college teacher of the year, Shoudong Feng, said the above quote at this year’s Arkansas Curriculum Conference, which I spent all of today and yesterday at.

After feeling like the world is falling for the past two weeks, these two days have given me the ability to breathe again. Less guilt, more inspiration, more motivation, less sadness.


  • I feel competent in my ability to code switch between traditional and non traditional teachers and programs
  • I have ideas and collaborators to maintain a connection to Dumas even if I leave (a faculty member at UCA and a teacher in central Arkansas): hosting a writing camp for my hand-picked students
  • I am exposed to countless justifiable reasons that it is okay for me to move to Little Rock (an invitation to join a weekly writer’s group; yoga; arts classes; flexibility in my schedule to observe all the schools I want; obligations to do work I love; stronger social connections in the city…)
  • There’s a chance staff at my school will change for the 2014-15 year. At this point, if major players in my happiness at school are no longer there, I don’t see a strong enough reason to stay without them
  • The wide open door with address: ATC is noisy and appropriate, it’s what I’ve been moving toward for the past three years, it’s a development opportunity that would be ridiculous to pass up

I have too much in my head to update my blog. In sum, skies are brighter, ideas are running wild, and I completed one assignment for my internship. Slowly climbing that mountain, slowly crafting miracles, slowly accepting miracles bestowed upon me.

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