Caroline in the Delta

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Caroline in an Autobiography

I’m 26, entering my fourth year teaching 6th grade in my placement site in Dumas, AR. On my TFA application preferences I said, “put me anywhere  but…” and removed the 5 northernmost locations. Michigan is where I lived until 22, but I now more proudly claim Arkansas as home.

I’ve done a solid amount of short-term TFA leadership roles, most recognizably as a CMA at the 2012 Delta Institute. Summer after my third year teaching I held a similar role for a new organization called the Arkansas Teacher Corps, and now work part-time assisting in the design of their year-long fellow (new teacher) development and vision setting. I’m also working on getting a Master’s of Ed Leadership from Arkansas Tech through the Walton-sponsored LEAD21 program. I strongly recommend any Arkansan professional looking to get a master’s to apply – even and especially first year TFA teachers!

Personally I am most balanced when able to compulsively write and run daily. I’m training for the 2014 Mississippi River Marathon to be my first full marathon– another thing I encourage everyone to do!

I have another, way more personal and with shorter entries, blog at and am a contributor to the TFA blog TeacherPop. And last, I’ve gotten a few emails from this blog and always love them: [email protected]